GSE Manutenzioni has developed specific skills in the areas of industrial and nautical assistance and maintenance services.
The company has BOSIET certification (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training), designed for operators working on offshore installations, as well as specific qualifications for working in confined spaces, and offers the following services:

  • mechanical and industrial assembly and maintenance;
  • nautical mechanical maintenance both in dry docks and offshore;
  • assembly and maintenance of offshore systems in the oil and gas sectors;
  • maintenance and assistance for high-powered diesel engines (land and sea);
  • assembly and maintenance of hoists, building cranes and mobile cranes;
  • industrial systems and installations (pneumatic/hydraulic/electric);
  • construction and assembly of piping;
  • equipment pipeline;
  • maintenance of rotary machinery and equipment.


The combination of skilled employees and advanced technologies leads GSE to guarantee a high quality service.

Qualità Gse Manutenzioni - Manutenzioni navali offshore


GSE Manutenzioni offers its skills and experience for installation, maintenance and assistance, both inside industrial structures.

Servizi navali offshore

Team service

The main purpose of GSE Manutenzioni is to train employees specialising in different business sectors on the world market.

Team service Gse Manutenzioni - Manutenzioni navali offshore

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